Coming from a family of non-musicians, I was initially attracted to drawing, an art form in which I naturally blossomed. But it was finally at the age of 15, when I started playing electric bass in a band formed with friends, that my passion for music took hold.

This step opened the door to a world I was to learn the basics of over many years in Switzerland and Canada. 

Then came the discoveries, the encounters, the experiences, the travels and the work, but also the obstacles, the disappointments at times and the questioning that would be partly responsible for the appearance of a focal dystonia (the musician’s cramp), admittedly slight but persistent.

Ironically, it was this ordeal that prompted me to explore further beyond the limits of my instrument, as the possibilities offered by my musical knowledge opened me up to other directions and gave me access to limitless artistic diversity.

In 2021, I released my first solo bass album entitled WANU / Nachalo (Altrisuoni). I concentrate on creating my own music and explore improvisation in collaboration with other artistic disciplines such as dance and drawing.

What’s important to me is diversity and the constant desire to learn new things. This has led me to develop my activities as a musician, composer, teacher and promoter of artistic projects with the aim of sharing my passion with those around me.


  • Cours privés de basse électrique avec Björn Meyer
  • 2014–2016  Certificate of advanced studies (CAS) en didactique de l’enseignement  instrumental, (HEMU Lausanne)
  • 2009–2010  Université du Québec à Montréal, programme court en pédagogie musicale
  • Cours privés de basse électrique avec Alain Caron
  • 2006–2008  Haute Ecole de Musique Lausanne, diplôme jazz perfo                                                      
  • 2002–2006  Ecole de Jazz et Musique Actuelle de Lausanne
  • 1998-2000  Cours privés de basse électrique avec Pascal Macheret

Creations & Production

  • Projet Magma live&visual performance with Saadet Türkoz, Loïc Grobéty, Mathias Durand, Sébastien Guenot.
  • Performance night with Insub Meta Orchestra + Y I, Maison des Moines, Romainmôtier
  • AZUR Tour with Chloé Charrière
  • WANU solo project album and performance live
  • Gadjo 3th album Ramage (management&production)
  • 2Basses Covid Tour with Loïc Grobéty (organisation)
  • Anapurna band project


  • Derelict – Versus Entropy – QC – 2024
  • Insub Meta Orchestra Acceleration insub record CH – 2022
  • Wanu Nachalo (Altrisuoni) CH – 2021
  • Gadjo Ramage CH – 2021
  • Grand Canard Blanc le Black des Cygnes CH – 2018
  • Dida Guigan Free Together CH – 2018
  • Dida Guigan Free CH – 2017
  • Gadjo Chpilo CH – 2015
  • Grand Canard Blanc Pirates de l’ère atomique CH – 2015
  • SWS SIWTD suite CH – 2013
  • Pascal Auberson Montreux, le live CH – 2012
  • Derelict Perpetuation QC – 2011
  • Nolosé Live at Chorus CH – 2009


  • Algebra Chiroptera CH – 2022
  • Chloé Charrière Doucement s’endort la terre CH – 2022
  • Humanoid Door QC – 2019
  • Bagheera Drift CH – 2012
  • Aline Sumi Entre rêve et fuschia CH – 2006


  • Nomination Prix culturel du Nord Vaudois 2019
  • Bourse artistique Canton de Vaud 2020
  • Lauréat pour le fond culturo-sportif Jura Nord Vaudois 2024


About 1000 concerts in 20 countries

Montreux Jazz Festival / Verbier FestOff / Festival de la Cité Lausanne / Cully Jazz Festival / Jazz Night Zug / Guitare en Scène / Francomania / Palco do Rock / Voix de Fête / Les Scènes du Chapiteau / Jazz Contreband / Irreversible / Festival de bande dessinée d’Alger / Parabôle / Amalgame Yverdon / Théâtre du Jorat / Auditorium Stravinsky / Miles Davis Hall / Théâtre PAM / Gramercy Theatre NY / Club Soda Montréal / House of Blues New Orleans / Abbatiale de Romainmôtier / Salle Paderewsky / Castle Live Duiller / Fondation ABPI / Studio 15 RTS / Free Flow Festival…

Bands collaboration

Métal : Augury / Derelict / Science of Disorder / Algebra / Bagheera / Mingmen / Angstbaum / Beer Witch Factory

World : Nolosé / Anach Cuan / Dashûr / Primo Tempo / Beija Flor / Olinda Quartet / Dida Guigan / Emile&Ginette

Jazz : SWS 7tet / Red Moon / Denis Croisonnier 4tet / MF 4tet / Alain Petit Mermet 4tet / Big Band EJMA / Big Band HEMU / Jean-Pierre Pasquier 4tet / Jazz Trio Jam CNV

Choir&Orchestra : Orchestre des Jeunes de Suisse Romande / Orchestre AMATI / FA7 / Wego / Atout / MadriJazz / Harmonie Yvonand