W A N U is the name of Sébastien Pittet’s project for solo bass guitar. It is an atmospheric, dreamlike, intimate music in which jazz, folk and experimental colours are mixed. The musician from Romainmôtier uses compositional processes inspired by minimalist and experimental music, jazz and concepts used in the psychedelic rock movement of the seventies. All the pieces are linked, forming a musical work in which expression and improvisation have a predominant place, a deep and intoxicating sonic journey, accentuated by the characteristic low register of the bass guitar.

In September 2021 the first album ‘Nachalo’ was released. The album was released by the Swiss label Altrisuoni and is distributed by the publishing house PBR record. This work was made possible thanks to a Vaud cantonal grant for artistic development. This grant made it possible not only to produce the album and the promotional tour but also to promote the project in a multidisciplinary dimension and in collaboration with other artists from the Nord Vaudois region.

This approach has led him to collaborate with artists who share this vision. WANU’s music, both sound and narrative, leaves room for imagination and interpretation in many forms.

Some notable events and collaborations:

  • Participation in the sound illustration of the documentary l’Homme Lisière in Passe-moi les Jumelles
  • MAGMA Project, a sound and visual performance with live drawings by artist Sébastien Guénot and multidiffusion controlled by Mathias Durand
  • “III” Performance at the Nuit Blanche 2023 in Paris
  • Invited by the Festival Jazz Onze+ for the summer season at the Eglise Saint-François in Lausanne.
  • Tour of churches in French-speaking Switzerland with lyric singer Chloé Charrière
  • Tours for 2 solo basses with Loïc Grobéty.
  • Closing concert for the Liber’Art exhibition at Romainmôtier.
  • Solo performance with Etienne Krähenbhul‘s sculptures at Villa Kenwin.
  • PUR project at Théâtre de la Tournelle in Orbe.
  • Sound illustration for the film “A la recherche des figures d’Eros” by Yamilé Arsenijevic

WANU is thus an evolving project, illustrating the desires and influences of its author. Although the project began as a solo project with a purely musical approach, it is also intended to adapt to other, more conceptual, theatrical or cinematographic projects. It’s an altruistic, chameleon-like project that reflects Sébastien Pittet’s personality and his desire to share an art form that does both body and soul good.

MAGMA Project folder